Mardi Gras Mask Lollipop

Mardi Gras Mask Lollipop

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Allergy Information

  • no-eggs
  • no-fish
  • no-gluten
  • no-milk
  • no-peanuts
  • no-seeds
  • no-shellfish
  • no-soy
  • no-tree-nuts
  • no-wheat

No Mardi Gras party is complete without these original and fun masque lollipops. Perfect for any masquerade party, Carnivale, or Mardi Gras extravaganza. So feast before the fast with these unique, fun and delicious treats. Available in grape flavor.

* Top 8 Free

* No Nuts

* Corn Syrup Free

* Gluten Free

* Dairy Free

* Soy Free

Ingredients: Cane sugar, tapioca syrup, grape flavoring, fruit & vegetable color

Allergen Information: Top 8 Free. Corn syrup free, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free. Made in a nut free facility. Made in USA.

Manufactured in a facility: FREE FROM eight major allergens, peanuts, tree nuts, sesame, coconut, wheat, milk, egg, soy, fish, or shellfish/crustaceans.

Gluten-free info: Contains no gluten ingredients. Additional information from the manufacturer: Facility is gluten free.

Vegetarian info: Vegan - sugar is confirmed bone char free.