SALE! Moo Free White Advent Calendar 2020
SALE! Moo Free White Advent Calendar 2020

SALE! Moo Free White Advent Calendar 2020

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Allergy Information

  • no-corn
  • no-eggs
  • no-fish
  • no-gluten
  • no-milk
  • no-peanuts
  • no-shellfish
  • no-soy
  • no-wheat


*Limited Stocks Available!

New for 2020 is the UTZ white chocolate Advent Calendar which is perfect for any dairy-free Christmas choccy chompers. This year Moo Free developed the most amazing, dairy-free white chocolate, and popped it into an Advent Calendar! This fun-packed free-from Advent Calendar is great for kids or adults alike.  With new shapes behind the doors there will be a new surprise every day, so don't go peeping before you should!

The cocoa butter used in these white chocolate Advent Calendars is UTZ certified. UTZ has now joined forces with The Rainforest Alliance organization.  What does this mean?  It means not only do you get to enjoy an amazing dairy-free and vegan Advent Calendar, but you can feel good as well knowing that you are helping to save the planet and the people that work in the cocoa fields. 

Not only is the tray in these Advents made from recyclable material but you can recycle it again, along with the rest of the packaging. In addition, the Moo Free factories where these Advent Calendars are made send 0% waste to landfills and the Moo Free Team includes several amazing people with autism. 

Moo Free brings you all the flavor of great tasting, white chocolate but knows the secret of how to make them dairy-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and vegan.


Sugar, cocoa butter [32%], rice flour, coconut oil, flavoring (vanilla), emulsifier (sunflower lecithin). 

Allergen Information:

* Dairy Free

* Peanut Free

* Gluten Free

* Soya Free

* Wheat-Free  

* Lactose-Free  

* Casein Free

* Egg Free

* Corn Free

* Vegan

Made in the UK in a factory that handles HAZELNUTS.

These dairy-free and vegan chocolate advent calendars are unique. We don't believe that you will find a better tasting organic, rice milk chocolate advent calendar manufactured anywhere else in the world.

Each dairy-free and vegan chocolate advent calendar is made in our UK factories that do not manufacture milk chocolate or any other milk, gluten, or soya-based products. As with all of our dairy-free chocolates our organic chocolate advent calendars are made using a combination of natural, organic, and ethically sourced ingredients.

Made by Moo Free Chocolates. 

Weight: 70g

The calendar contains 24 pieces of Chocolate.

Energy 2411kJ / 578 kcal
Fat 36g
 - of which saturates 21g
Carbohydrates 60g
 - of which sugars 41g
Protein 2g